Gong / Sound Bath

This is a group experience, which you book in to as an individual.

It is held in a Village Hall or similar space, where you will find a spot to lie for the duration of the session.

You will need to bring a yoga mat & something comfortable to lie on, as well as a pillow & a blanket to cover you.

The sounds of the gongs, singing bowls & other instruments will take you in to a deeply relaxed state as the brain waves alter from beta (when we are actively thinking & mentally engaged), to theta (REM dream phase of sleep or daydreaming).

I use a variety of different sounds throughout to encourage different responses in the body. Some sounds & vibrations impact on the cells in our blood which can be naturally cohesive thus “clumping” together causing them to separate, giving them an energy boost, which then supports cellular repair.


Watch this video to see the difference in a blood sample taken before & after a 20 minute Gong bath!


The overall feeling after a Gong/sound bath tends to be one of relaxation, the effects of which can continue for several days, so it is advisable to try not to charge full pelt back into life immediately afterwards if you can avoid it!

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"Thank you for my lovely sound & gong session. I have previously been to group sound baths but the one-to-one session was truly magical. The experience was very intense with my whole body receiving the vibrational healing. The session was extremely relaxing & the relaxation lasted for a few days afterwards. I would recommend this to anyone & I will definitely be returning in the future."

"Sam is a kind, thoughtful practitioner that has already, after just a few treatments, made me feel more positive and balanced. I didn’t know what to expect with sound therapy but I love it."

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