Gongs / Sound Therapy


What is Gong/Sound Therapy?

Gongs are believed to date back to the Copper Age in their crudest form but began to be used in rituals & tribal ceremonies in China around the time of the early Western Han Dynasty. They have also been used historically as a way of “announcing the arrival of officials”, calling in the workers from the fields or in ceremonies such as births, weddings or funerals.

Today they are regaining their popularity but in more of a healing role.

The brain responds to the sounds being processed through the ears. This has a natural effect of connecting the left & right hemispheres of the brain, but also slows down the brainwaves thus relaxing you in a way that would normally only be achieved through deep meditation.
As our bodies are also largely made up of water, the vibration also goes through our cells which gives them a bit of a “shake-up” which has the effect of making you feel more energised.
Hence why recipients often comment that they feel both relaxed & energised after a treatment session!


What to expect

One-on-one Treatment:

Your first session lasts 1 ½ hours. This allows us time before to establish if there are any medical issues or what you would like to gain from the treatment itself which lasts for 40 minutes.

You will lie down for the duration of the session. If this is going to present any discomfort or difficulty for you do let me know before the session & I will adapt accordingly (we can work with you sitting in a chair for example).


Everything is provided so all you need to do is to lie down, relax (you may bring an eye pillow if this is helpful for you) & allow the sounds to “wash over” you.

For one-on-one treatments I often use bowls on your body – it is a great way to release tension! I use a wide variety of instruments & sound & it will vary depending on what it is that you are looking for from the session.

You can expect the benefits to last for a few days after the session.

For Bookings

(including free enquiry call)

"Thank you for my lovely sound & gong session. I have previously been to group sound baths but the one-to-one session was truly magical. The experience was very intense with my whole body receiving the vibrational healing. The session was extremely relaxing & the relaxation lasted for a few days afterwards. I would recommend this to anyone & I will definitely be returning in the future."

"Sam is a kind, thoughtful practitioner that has already, after just a few treatments, made me feel more positive and balanced. I didn’t know what to expect with sound therapy but I love it."

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