How I Work


What to expect from me:

I work a little differently to most, in that it is my aim for you to only need to invest financially in one main appointment with me.

My aim is to empower you to regain control of your physical, mental & emotional health without needing to rely on others (including me!)

During our session I will glean as much information as I can (it will involve what may appear to be some “random” questions but as everything about us is intrinsically linked, there will be a reason for asking so bear with me!!)

My goal is to connect with you & identify what is causing your health imbalance, so it is of great advantage if you feel you can share as fully as you are able so that we can work together to find the right course of action for you.

After our appointment I spend a similar amount of additional time going through your case.
& write a detailed treatment plan (which is all included in the initial consultation fee). This allows you to have to only invest in supplements for the timeframe of the plan & only book back in to see me again at the end (if needed).

  • The average treatment plan will span around 6 months.


For Bookings

(including free enquiry call)

"Sam was fantastic with one of my daughters who was suffering from anxiety which was leading to a number of digestive disorders. Sam was calm, patient and kind and took the time to understand how my daughter was feeling before recommending a course of treatment and next steps. After six sessions, my daughter felt much more in control of her anxiety, and her sickness and digestive problems had abated."

"Sam is professional, kind, gentle and very understanding. We worked through many of my emotional, physical and mental symptoms and healed them through, homeopathic remedies, along with other holistic ones too. I highly recommend her."

"I have been blown away by Sam's knowledge and understanding of medical conditions that had elicited shrugs from other practitioners. Sam has helped me to overcome and understand my ailment and I have referred family and friends to her (and total strangers) A kind and knowledgeable professional that I can’t recommend more highly."

"Sam has treated my son on a number of occasions. She combines up to date knowledge and passion for her specialisms with great listening and empathy skills. A practical outcome focus but with a really supportive experience. Highly recommend."

"It is rare to meet somebody who possesses the right mix of both knowledge and instinct, but Sam has both qualities in spades. After my first consultation I felt I had finally spoken to somebody who not only understood the complexities of my condition, but who had a firm idea of how to treat it.
Through a very friendly and professional consultation process Sam was able to gain a clear understanding of the challenges I was facing and work towards a treatment process that offered not only a solution to the problem, but also a fresh understanding of the condition I had struggled with for many years. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone."

"Sam has helped me with a number of health conditions as well as supporting me through surgeries. She is professional, knowledgeable, warm and caring and I would not hesitate to recommend her.
I recommended Sam to my mother and a number of friends and clients - all of them have seen the benefit."

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