What is disease and how can we find a more lasting solution?

The answer to “dis-ease” is likely to be across many different aspects of “self”.

PHYSICAL: Inflammation (eg. toxicity, gut microbiome imbalance, diet).

EMOTIONAL: Eg. Unresolved trauma, unprocessed grief, emotional wounding. Feeling “stuck”. In a job, relationship, lifestyle, other’s expectations.

MIND: Our own inner narrative eg. outdated beliefs that are running around our thoughts (& driving our actions) in a constant loop.

ENERGY & FREQUENCY: Energy & frequency regulate the biochemical, cellular & neurological processes of our physical body, so when these are low we cannot function properly.

In my sessions we explore ALL of these aspects and use the following tools to help boost your energy and vitality

HOMEOPATHY to support all my treatments as it is a complete system of medicine that works on the MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & PHYSICAL layers.

MICROBIOME/GUT HEALTH to rebalance your gut flora, improve assimilation of nutrients & uptake of minerals. This also helps to reduce systemic inflammation in the body.

BESPOKE DETOXIFICATION PROTOCOL  designed for your needs using clean food grade supplements, homeopathic remedies & Light therapy patches with a focus on rebalancing your gut microbiome, reducing inflammation and boosting your energy.

‘LIFEWAVE” LIGHT THERAPY to activate different biochemical changes in the “energy” and “frequency” of your cells using different wavelengths of light.

The above tools if used correctly will Repair, Re-energise and Regenerate your cells resulting in more energy and vitality, mental clarity and overall feelings of wellness


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