What to expect from a Sound Journey Session


You will need to bring a yoga mat, something comfy to lie on (some like a sleeping bag or equivalent for extra padding!), a pillow & a blanket. Your body temperature may drop during the session as you relax more deeply, so bring layers to make sure you can adapt throughout for your own comfort.

Should you prefer to be seated in a chair for the session this is also fine; the effects are just the same, the only difference being is that some people can drift off to sleep which makes lying on the floor more supportive, should this be the case for you.

Some like an eye pillow but this is entirely a personal choice & not essential. Generally, it is more effective if you keep your eyes closed throughout the session as you will naturally go into a meditative state as the sounds/vibrations slow down your brain waves. This effortlessly shifts you out of the “beta” state (where we tend to be most of the time!) with the busy rapid pace of thoughts & being mentally engaged to the slower states where you will be resting but awake, maybe daydreaming or even accessing a different level of awareness.

Your body & mind will respond in the way that you need at that time so it will be different for you each time & your experience will be your own.

Bring a water bottle for your use as required. Drink plenty of water in the following days as there is a detox effect on the body as well.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to get in touch, otherwise I really look forward to seeing you there!

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